How to Create a Custom Room at PUBG Mobile Without Elite Pass

create custom room pubg mobile
create custom room pubg mobile
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How to Create a Custom Room at PUBG Mobile – Playing PUBG Mobile is really exciting, if you like it on PC or even on mobile it’s as exciting and lots of funny, tense events. I am not a pro player but only a fun player, which means that it doesn’t really play games intensely and keeps honing skills to become professional players.

Do you know that playing games can make money and not a few make it the main job? In Indonesia there are already many who pursue this pro player gamers profession. The source of the money can vary but the biggest one is from sponsors and endorsers.

In the PUBG Mobile update version 6.0 there is a very significant major update. Update the FPP version or first person perspective.

There is an arcade mode update suitable for those of you who want fun just without thinking about the rank down if you die at the beginning in classic mode. But the arcade is also no less exciting.

 Can hone response and skill. How not, if your wong is lowered in a small circle in random mode, for example the shotgun mode. Going straight down there is a shootout, lucky for those of you who have a quick response will win the match.

More interestingly in PUBG Mobile, there is a Custom Match feature with the way we create our Own Room where you can invite people to join the room by providing information on their ID and password room. You can make your own rules about the rules of the match.

How to Create a Custom Room at PUBG Mobile

But not many know how to make a room at PUBG Mobile. There is one condition so that our account can make room on the mobile pubg.

The condition is that we have to buy a Royal Elite Pass. Which for the price is 600UC or if you buy it with rupiah around 120-150rb.

In Shopee, Bukalapak sells a lot of top-up services, cheap UC is different from buying directly in the game or in the same codashop.

Here’s how to create a room if you are already an Elite Pass member.

  • When you have entered the game, you can see in the bottom left you to have friends, and there is a menu room. Click Room Menu.
  • Then on the bottom right there is a Create Room. Please click.
  • If you have not purchased Royale Pass, a warning like this will appear.
  • If you then have a Royal Pass then you can immediately fill in the Room name, Description, and Password. Then click Create.
  • Finished.

Create a Custom Room at PUBG Mobile Without Elite Pass

  • Without having a Royal Pass you can also make a room by contacting GM from PUBG Mobile.
  • But on the condition that you have to be a youtubers or a gamer who has enough followers or subscribers. Then write a message to the GM using English that you want to create a room to play with your subscriber.
  • Click the Settings Menu> Click the Customer Service Logo.
  • Then Fill in the Requested Data.
  • Then write down the explanation that you are a public figure who has many followers or subscribers. So this will benefit the Tencent Games, of course.

How To Join Custom Room on PUBG Mobile

You only need to enter the ID number of the room you want to go to in the upper left column.

Next you will be asked to enter the password for the room. Enter the password that you got from the room maker.

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