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How To Change Font in OPPO F9 Without Root

how to change font oppo f9
how to change font oppo f9
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Change Font OPPO F9 – Oppo F9 is the first smartphone to have a tear-shaped notch screen – a feature that appears arbitrary but which we might see on many Android phones that will be launched in the near future. That small level and it’s smooth, gradient-colored back make it one of the most beautiful phones around it.

Apart from the design, the Oppo F9 is a very capable midrange smartphone that offers more prices than you get from famous brands.

I have used the Oppo F9 Pro – the same as the usual F9 but with 6GB, not 4GB RAM – for about a week, and I’ve had fun with it. It didn’t flare up fast but did everything I said to do at the right time. I have experienced a number of bugs (which I see all have to do with notches, which are not taken into account by some applications). The 16/2-megapixel camera is decent but not the best around. The 25-megapixel selfie camera is too much, but hey, I can’t complain. And ultra-fast battery charging is also pretty cool.

In addition to the specifications above, let’s discuss the tutorial to change the font style on the Oppo F9 without root. Check out more

How To Change Font in OPPO F9 Without Root

Change Font OPPO F9 With APK Editor

  1. Download Font (Extension. TTF)> Install Fonts after downloading, you can find it in your download folder.
  2. Go to Settings> Language and Region> Change Region to Singapore.
  3. Download the APK Editor and Install after you download, you can find it in your download folder.
  4. Open the APK Editor> Select the APK from the Application> Find Zawgyi Tai (iFont)> Click Simple Edit (File Substitute).
  5. Select Assets> Select Fonts Click> Edit> Explore the Fonts that you downloaded or that you want to apply.
  6. Then click Install to change the font on the OPPO F9 phone.
  7. Go to Settings> Screen and Brightness of the World Activate Dai’s Character Support

Change Font Style in OPPO F9 With iFont Apps

In the second method this time, you can use third-party applications that you can download and of course, you don’t need to root first on the OPPO F9 Smartphone.

  1. Download the iFont application from the Play Store at your Oppo F9.
  2. Do the install, then open the iFont Application.
  3. You will see many fonts that can be used to change the font style on your OPPO F9 cellphone. Select according to the taste you want then click Download and then select the Set option.

Maybe some tutorials on How to Change OPPO F9 Fonts, if you have difficulty, you can ask via the comments column. Good luck!

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