How to Change Name on PUBG Mobile Without UC

change name pubg mobile
change name pubg mobile
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Change Name Free on PUBG Mobile – Playerunknown’s Battleground Mobile or PUBG mobile is still a favorite game for gamers around the world on iOS and Android users.

The FPS game with the concept of the battle royal will invite friends and 99 other players to plunge into a map and fight to become the last living player. Various lethal weapons and also zone threats will haunt the players during the game.

On PUBG mobile, you can choose one character that will represent you in each game. Not to forget, you also have to make your nickname or name in the mobile PUBG game.

Actually not only in the PUBG mobile game, sometimes at the beginning of installing PUBG mobile and playing it, maybe you run out of ideas to use what name or nickname, so that the name is used as long as it’s important to be.

Well, maybe the more days you are better at playing PUBG, you often play random squad mode and meet other players who sometimes have a good mobile PUBG nickname.

Then comes the desire to change the name of the friend you use on mobile PUBG with a name that you think is cooler than the previous name. Usually, you will realize that you can’t just change the name in PUBG and wonder how to change the name on PUBG mobile.

Unlike other games, new games now, especially the battle royale game, have rules that change names that are quite difficult. Usually, you have to use a certain amount of diamond just to change the nickname.

Well, it’s different from changing the name on PUBG mobile that requires a special item. How do you change your PUBG Mobile nickname? See the full tutorial below.

How to Change Name Free on PUBG Mobile Without UC

What items do you need to change the name of your mobile PUBG account? the item was named RENAME ID CARD or CARD REPLACE NAME. You can check first whether you have the id card before making a nickname change

  • Enter the mobile PUBG game. In the lobby game, at the bottom, look for the INVENTORY menu.
  • Select the box/crate icon at the bottom.
  • Then look for RENAME ID CARD, which is a card with ID written on it..

If you find a name change card in your inventory, congratulations! meaning that you can change your PUBG mobile nickname 1 time only.

Well, what if you don’t find the name card in your inventory? Now, here’s how to get a name change card in PUBG:

  • The name change card is one of the rewards from the progress mission. You can get a name change card by completing the mission up to level 3 and again you will get a name change card after completing the mission to level 10.
  • Buy at the PUBG mobile shop at a price of 180 UC. Well, this is the easiest method, it’s just that you need to buy UC with real money at special merchants that work with Tencent games.

Well, after my friend I pocketed the RENAME ID CARD, you can change your nickname, this is how to change the name in the PUBG game:

  • In the inventory, tap renames your id card, then select USE / USE.
  • A dialog box will appear asking you to type a new name or nickname.
  • After the system confirms the new nickname, you can use it, click OK. But if a nickname notification appears already used by another player, you must change the nickname with another name.
  • Done! Your friend’s name or PUBG nickname has been successfully changed.

Thus information about how to change nickname on PUBG mobile. Goodluck!

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