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How to Make a New Location (Custom) on Instagram

How To Create New Location on Instagram
How To Create New Location on Instagram
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How to Create New Location (Custom) on Instagram – As a popular social media, Instagram has some very interesting features to use. One of them, we can add locations to the post that will be uploaded.

By sharing locations with other users, we can share photo spots, hits, etc. For those who are in business, we can help customers to more easily reach the location of our business.

But unfortunately, it is quite different from the features in his brother, Facebook, where we cannot create a new location (special location). Through the help center page, the developer even revealed this.

Even though we cannot deny it, many people need this option, so they have to outsmart it a little. The question is, how to do it?

How to Make a New Location (Custom) on Instagram

In order to be able to create a new location on Instagram, we can use Facebook services to do it. Therefore, before doing so you must connect the two services.

If you have, you can open Facebook services through the application. Next, make a Facebook post using the Check-in feature and type in the name of the place you want to make. In this case, you can make it for fun.

From the several options displayed, then scroll down and look for the Add a new place button. Select the category of place you made, then enter the city you want to use. Next, fill in the Create a place form as you wish, and if done click the Create button.

In order to successfully create a location on Facebook, do not use strange characters, such as the at (@), hashtag (#), or emoji when creating their name. This is because the use of these special characters is not permitted.

How to Use a New Location (Custom) on Instagram

After successfully creating a new location on the Facebook service, then open the Instagram application. Make a post as usual, but when adding a caption, don’t forget to press the Add location button.

Search for locations according to the name of the location that was successfully created before. Refresh several times if the location has not been found. If it appears, click the location, then click the Share button to upload the post.

Indeed, not all locations especially those specifically have been reached by Instagram. But by using this method, we can add new locations to these social media services.

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