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How To Delete Contacts on all OPPO smartphone types

How To Delete Contacts In OPPO
How To Delete Contacts In OPPO
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How To Delete Contacts In OPPO – In order to be able to compete with smartphones from other companies, OPPO provides each smartphone made using the Android operating system with a special interface called ColorOS.

Unlike the pure Android system made by Google, ColorOS experienced several modifications. Through these modifications, OPPO provides several additional features, customizable gestures, security centers, long screenshots, and so forth.

The most noticeable difference, ColorOS brings an interface similar to Apple’s iOS system which offers a simpler and easier to use display.

For now, ColorOS has many versions, with ColorOS 6 being the latest. From version one to newer versions, OPPO always provides changes, both improvements, improvements and additions to features.

One feature that is always improved by OPPO from time to time is the contact edit feature, which includes a contact delete feature. In older versions, this feature is rather hard to find, but it is very different now.

How to delete OPPO contacts in ColorOS Old

Different from most operating systems, old ColorOS like version 3.1 do not display enough complete options in the Contact application. One of them, this version does not have the option to delete contacts in it.

In order to delete a contact, the user must make a little effort. This is because this feature is available centrally in the Settings section, then in the Contacts menu. From this menu, users can delete contacts by pressing Delete contacts in batches.

Furthermore, the user can choose the contact to be deleted. In this case, the user can delete more than one contact. And if you’ve finished selecting it, the user can tap the Delete button.

As an alternative, users can also delete contacts via Google Contacts from a computer. Requirements, contacts on smartphones must be synchronized with Google Contacts services.

How to delete OPPO contacts in ColorOS New

  • Enter the Contact application
  • Select the contact you want to delete
  • Next, click Delete Contact from the menu that is displayed

Whereas to delete multiple contacts simultaneously, users can press the Edit button in the upper right corner of the page, then select the contact to delete, and press the Delete key when it’s finished.

Maybe that’s the only article about How to Delete Contacts in OPPO, good luck!

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