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How to Disable Google Smart Lock Instagram

How to Disable Google Smart Lock Instagram
How to Disable Google Smart Lock Instagram
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How to Disable Google Smart Lock Instagram – Google Smartlock is one of the smartphone’s most intelligent features. On your own smartphone, you can install a lot of applications, and it is common that to use the application, you are required to register an account and log in. With many accounts, the problem that is often experienced is the difficulty of logging in because of forgetting a password.

Well, because of this problem, Google Smartlock is present. The main feature of Google Smartlock is a smart security system that will secure smartphone devices. With Google Smart Lock, you don’t need to bother opening the ‘lock’ smartphone with a PIN, pattern, and password. Because Google Smart Lock will smartly create a smartphone security system for all of you, but how does Google Smartlock work will be different in every type and brand of smartphone.

Another feature of Google Smartlock is the password saving feature. Installing several applications that have to go through the registration process and the account login will certainly be very inconvenient. for that smart lock is also present to store login data and passwords on each account that you have on a smartphone.

With this feature, you don’t need to worry about forgetting all your user login and password, especially accounts that are rarely used. However, this feature also has risks and weaknesses. Google Smartlock is here to help forget users. However, because of their illness, they forget that it is causing greater havoc.

One of them is when you sold a cellphone that you use, but forgot to turn off Google Smartlock. Automatically, other people will easily enter and can just randomize social media accounts you. And more dangerous if used for fraud or other criminal acts.

How to Disable Google Smart Lock Instagram

You don’t need to worry, there are actually ways to disable Instagram Smart Lock Instagram. FYI, Google smart lock itself doesn’t need you to be activated. Because this feature is usually active by itself when you buy a new smartphone. So, there are lots of people who don’t understand that their smartphone stores login data to some very important accounts,

Immediately for those of you who don’t want to end up like the story above, please see how to disable the Instagram Smart Lock Instagram below.

  • Select the settings menu on your Android smartphone then search ‘google’ to quickly find the google smart-lock settings menu.
  • Select the ‘smart lock for password’ menu.
  • You can deactivate Google Smart Lock for any application password by swiping the button so it becomes disabled.
  • Or you can choose to deactivate google smart lock on the Instagram application only by selecting the ‘Add Unwanted Apps’ menu at the bottom, then select the Instagram application.
  • Finished.

Furthermore, you also need to delete the automatic password saving settings in the Chrome browser installed on your android.

  • Open the chrome application.
  • Tap the point three menu in the upper right corner. Then enter the settings menu >> Password.
  • Disable the password saving feature.
  • Finish

This tutorial is very useful for those of you who intend to transfer the Android smartphone that you have been using to other parties, for example when selling it. This is so that other people do not easily enter or log in to Instagram accounts or other accounts so that they avoid misuse of accounts.

Thus the information that we can convey about how to disable google smart lock instagram.

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