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Easy Ways to Download Videos on Instagram

how to download videos from instagram
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How to Download Videos on Instagram РInstagram is an image-based social media that for some time now if I see it is actually the most popular social media. Almost every updated news you can get from exploring Instagram and easily becoming viral. Even though there is no repost feature on Instagram.

Then how do they repost videos on Instagram? How do I take videos on Instagram?

Now there is always a trick to download things from the internet. Included from this Instagram. We can use the free services provided by foreign people or use special applications.

How To Download Videos On Instagram

Without Apps

  1. First, look for IG posts that want to take the video.
  2. Then copy the URL of the post, do it in the three-point menu.
  3. then click Copy Link
  4. Then go to
  5. Then paste the URL that was copied earlier.
  6. And click download.
  7. Please wait for the video extracting process and later below there will be a button to download your IG video.

#2 Download Videos Instagram Without Apps

  • The principle is the same as the method above. First, copy the link and paste it on the web.
  • If it’s already copied, go straight to and paste the link. The download link appears ready to download.
  • The video is ready for download.

Download Videos Instagram With Apps

The following method is we install an application then from the application can take videos on Instagram. There are many applications and we discuss a few here.

#1 Download Videos Instagram With Instagram Plus
  1. Instagram Plus is a kind of modified Instagram that is given a download feature.
  2. How to download first (Instagram Plus) Delete the old Instagram first and don’t forget about the password, remember first
  3. After the old Instagram is deleted, then the Instagram plus version from the link above.
  4. The following is a download menu from IG Plus
  5. It’s easier right, you only need to install one then use it many times.
  6. Only one drawback, sometimes the IG Plus version is for the late version. We have to wait some time to get IG Plus with the latest version in accordance with the IG version on the Play Store.
#2 With Video Downloader

The following application is the next alternative that friends can try.

This application works the same way as on the first website above but you don’t need to open a web page, just open this application and the video is ready to be taken.

  1. First, download the application here then install as usual.
  2. The next step is to copy the target video link as above.
  3. If so, then open the video downloader application earlier. Click paste and the video is ready for download.
  4. Done!

Actually, there are many other similar applications, but the above is one that is recommended rather than confused which one to choose. Now you can take videos from IG. This trick is very useful because the video on IG, in my opinion, is a lot of fun and fun. If there are those who are not qualified, only part of it.

Enough to just here a tutorial on How to Download Videos on Instagram Without an Application, Good luck!

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