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How to get a bundle in Zombie Mode Free Fire

zombie mode on free fire
zombie mode on free fire
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How to get a bundle in Zombie Mode Free Fire – We all know that the Garena Free Fire game has been an update on March 21, where the update that day experienced a discussion about a game mode in the FF game. As a result of the new mode called Zombie certainly benefited the survivors, so to zombie mode in the game becomes a battle that is selling well.

If the survivors have finished the game, they will get many attractive prizes, no wonder that many players like to turn back in the zombie mode. By getting an award in zombie free fire mode, the first one will be given four cards randomly. So if you are curious about how to get bundles in zombie mode, ff, see the full review below.

How to get a bundle in Zombie Mode Free Fire

Free Fire: Zombie Mode

When you have finished a fight and have become bouncy in zombie death uprising mode, the winning player has the right to choose the prize from those four cards. For awards in the four cards, they include bundles, gold, scanners, property maps and so on. But there is also an exciting prize where this gift is the dream of survivors, namely Zombie Token.

Because with the success of obtaining a prize in the form of a Zombie Token, the player can exchange it for other free fire items needed. So the reward that can be traded with zombie tokens includes fragment character, diamond card and the most wanted is the latest Free Fire Bundle, the Plague Doctor.

So the Plague Doctor Bundle is the latest bundle item in the free-fire game, where to get it must be exchanged separately on the shop menu where the number of zombie tokens is not the same. Well, below is a detailed list of the number of tokens needed to exchange the FF game bundle:

  • 25 Zombie Tokens get a Mask
  • 25 Zombie Tokens get Bottom Plague Doctor
  • 20 Zombie Tokens get Shoes
  • 30 Zombie Tokens get Top Plague Doctors

How To Get Zombie Tokens in Free Fire

So to get the FF game zombie tokens obtained by selecting a card that has been provide, but on the condition that the survivor managed to complete his mission in zombie death uprising mode. So if you are lucky, of course, you will get a zombie token or even more than one. But that is also with certain conditions, where you must be able to eradicate all zombies and gain damage before the allotted time.

Not only that, but we have also got the news that if these players significantly contribute and get enormous damage to zombie mode in this free fire, then they will be given a great opportunity to reap as many tokens as possible. Waw … very exciting isn’t it.

Well, those are some tips and tricks on how to get a free bundle in the zombie free fire mode with an easy version of, hopefully, this submission can be successful and beneficial for all of you friends. Thanks.

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