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How to Get Green Egg in Free Fire

how to get green egg in free fire
how to get green egg in free fire
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Green Egg on Free Fire – After successfully holding the first FFWC event in Bangkok Thailand yesterday, Garena never forgot to spoil the survivors. Some time ago Garena Indonesia gave a free character prize after the Indonesian team EVOS won the FFWC (Free Fire World Cup) title in Bangkok Thailand.

Garena again presents a flood event prize for Free Fire game lovers. Today, Garena released an event wonderland in commemoration of Bunny’s Day. Bunny’s day is synonymous with colorful eggs. This event, survivors can collect colorful eggs in each game. With these eggs, survivors can exchange them for various cool gift items.

Many items can be used by survivors in free fire games. But to get these items, the survivor had to spend money to buy diamonds. One way to get cool items without having to spend money is to attend an event often made by Garena.

At this wonderland event, there are 5 prizes that you can get by exchanging eggs for a certain amount and color. What are the prizes? Here is a list of prizes:

  • Permanent Skin Observer (Top Prize): Exchange it for 15 Blue Egg, 10 Red Egg, 6 Green Egg
  • Cubic Bunny Helmet: Exchange with 6 Green Eggs
  • Cheerful Bunny Parachute: Exchange with 10 Red Egg
  • Egg Grenade (Skin Grenade): Exchange with 15 Blue Egg
  • Bunny’s Egg: Exchange it for 2 Blue Egg and 2 Red Egg

Then, how do you get green, red and blue eggs on the Free Fire?

How to Get Green Egg in Free Fire

Take it easy, because Garena has provided a guide on how to get a red egg, blue egg, and how to get green eggs in free fire:

  • How to get blue egg: blue eggs are scattered in various locations in the map and can be found while booting during the 15-21 April period.
  • How to get red egg / red egg: red egg / red egg can be found and collected from the dead box or loot box after killing the enemy, during the April 15-21 period
  • How to get green eggs in free fire: Find green eggs at various locations in the map but will be released specifically on April 21-22.

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The exclusive prize that you can get from this event is, of course, a skin observer, but to get it you need a combination of 3 egg colors. For red eggs and blue eggs, it’s very easy to get, but for now, until the 21st, you can’t get green eggs. Because the way to get green eggs in free fire as explained by Garena is to wait for the special release time, on the upcoming 21-22 April 2019.

So for the time being, you can target other prizes that can be exchanged for blue egg and red egg only. Or you can save it and not exchange it so that the color combination and the number of eggs to exchange it with a skin observer can be fulfilled when the event to get green egg has begun.

Don’t forget and write down the date to get a green egg on April 21-22 2019, you don’t forget to log in and play free fire on that date.

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