How To Hack PUBG Mobile In Hindi (Easy Guide)

How To Hack PUBG Mobile In Hindi
How To Hack PUBG Mobile In Hindi
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How To Hack PUBG Mobile In Hindi – Through the Ponselite Game Guide Writing Series, this time we will tell you how to “PUBG Mobile Cheat” or “Hack PUBG Mobile”. Yes, because we think this problem is also one of the most searched things by PUBG Mobile players in Hindi. What’s more, this will really help you to become number 1 in the PUBG Mobile game.

The PUBG Mobile game is undeniable to rival the popularity of Mobile Legends. Because there are so many people who try to play this game and as a result are addicted so they can’t escape. This Battle Royale genre game is not only successful on the PC platform but also Mobile recently. So it is undeniable that there are also many players who use cheats in this game.

Yes speaking about cheats or hack, of course, this is not really allowed. But, for those of you who want to try and want to always win in a game, of course, this will be very helpful. Therefore, this time we will give it to you. By using GameGuardian this can help you to get aimbots, increase the target assist shoot, wallhack, instant kill, and various other things.

Now keep in mind, if you use this cheat, you must be prepared to accept very high risk. You can have your account permanently banned by Tencent if found using it. So, before following the tutorial below, more of you guys think about it first. We don’t risk anything if something happens to your ID. What are you waiting for, let’s follow the PUBG Mobile Cheat Tutorial below?

Note: This tutorial we made is for information only. We are not responsible if your account is banned or has a problem. Because obviously the risk is high. (Your Smartphone Must Be First Root).

How To Hack PUBG Mobile In Hindi (Easy Guide)

How To Play PUBG Mobile Cheat? For those of you who are curious about it, it is really sure. Because this time we will give a tutorial or how to use the cheat on the PUBG Mobile game. Of course, this is only for your help. Before following the tutorial on how to use the PUBG Mobile cheat, your smartphone must first be rooted, so nothing happens later. What are you waiting for, this is the Latest Way to Mobile PUBG Cheat 2019! Check below.

  • Download the GameGuardian Application: The first step you must do to use the cheat program is to download or download the GameGuardian Application. (Your First Smartphone Root).
  • Open your Mobile PUBG Game: The step that you have to do is enter into your PUBG Mobile game. After successfully entering, you must tap the GameGuardian icon and then press menu and select “Execute.”
  • Search for the folder where you saved the file: The third step that you have to do is look for the folder where you saved the PUBG Mobile.lua script file that you have downloaded, after the file is found, click and immediately run it. Wait a while, the game will open automatically and then press the GameGuardian icon again and select the New Bypass (Open After Tencent Logo) option.
  • Select the Cheat Feature You Will Use: The last step you have to do is choose various cheat features that you can use. For example, when you open the Wallhack menu, the method is to select the Wallhack menu and then select the option you want. Good luck.

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Well, That’s How to Use the Latest PUBG Mobile Cheat Using the GameGuardian Application. Hopefully, this will benefit all of you. Need to be reminded again, we won’t risk anything if your ID is banned by Tencent. There are still many tutorials related to PUBG Mobile that we haven’t discussed. So keep an eye on Ponselite.

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