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How to Hide photos on OPPO Smartphone [Very Easy]

hidden photo oppo
hidden photo oppo
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How to Hide photos on OPPO Smartphone¬†– Each of us must have the privacy of each, for example about the photos on our smartphone. Some smartphone technologies are now equipped with hiden album features in our photo gallery. But some of the users still don’t know how to activate the feature.

For example on the Oppo smartphone. Actually, this feature is available in almost all mobile phones, what’s more, the latest output. This feature is in OS ColorOS version 3 and maybe you have also accidentally activated this, which results in your photos not appearing in the gallery but in the file manager.

Oppo itself always brings up the latest HP every year and even months, for example its flagship series is Oppo F5, Oppo A37, Oppo Neo 7, Oppo A57, Oppo F3, Oppo A83, and many others.

You may have experienced that when downloading images from Facebook or Whatsapp but the image does not appear on the gallery. Well, this is usually due to the default settings of the Oppo cellphone gallery that do not display folders from FB, WA and the like. So we need to set. So you can use this method to hide and display photos on OPPO phones.

How to Hide photos on OPPO Smartphone

The following are step by step ways to hide photos on OPPO phones.

First step

  • First, please open the photo gallery in your Oppo.
  • Then you will see a collection of photos that can be displayed in the gallery.
  • To make settings in the gallery click on the bottom menu, which is “Image Set”
  • Then continue by clicking on the menu “More Image Sets”
  • A list of albums that you have will appear.
  • If you want to hide the album, just remove the check mark. And vice versa later if you want to display the album again.
  • Finished.

Second Way

The following method we will use a little trick, namely by using the system from Android itself. Android will not display data to the public when the folder has a punctuation point in front of the folder name. The trick is to enter your OPPO file manager. Then find where your photo folder is stored. Maybe this should be with a little knowledge of the Android file manager.

Then rename the folder by adding a dot for example. Drawing and then saving. Check whether the photo album appears in your gallery. To bring it back, just remove the dot. Note: this method can also hide files.

Third Way

This way we will use the application from the Play store. Namely named Keep Safe. The Keep Safe application will isolate the album that we have marked so that it does not appear in the gallery, so be careful not to open your Keep Safe carelessly.

Additionally Keep Safe also provides features to secure your photos by uploading to their Cloud Service. So even if the data on your cellphone is lost, the photo remains safe on their server. Keep safe there are two versions, namely free and paid. Please buy their pro version to get more complete features.

Download Keep Safe

Actually, there are many more ways to hide photos on oppo phone, but the two above are the easiest techniques you can do. Hopefully, it can be useful for you.

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