How to Limit Comments on Instagram

how to limit comment on instagram
how to limit comment on instagram
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How to Limit Comments In Instagram – Under the umbrella of Facebook, Instagram’s popularity is increasing in the world with more than 1 billion active users.

At first glance, Instagram itself is one of the social networks that allow users to upload photos to show too many people. Photos uploaded by users of this application usually have attractive features and aphorisms that will attract other users in making comments.

But sometimes there are bad comments that trigger a heated debate in the photos that have been uploaded on Instagram. For that, for Gadgets who want to limit comments to not be filled with spam or negative words, you can see the tutorial limiting comments on Instagram as follows.

How to Limit Comments on Instagram

  1. First, you can directly open the Instagram application
  2. On the Instagram application, you can go directly to the Profile menu
  3. On the Profile page, you can press the menu bearing 3 lines at the top right
  4. Next, you can choose the Settings menu
  5. On the Settings page, you can choose the Privacy and Security menu
  6. On the Privacy and Security page, you can choose the Comment controls menu
  7. Next, you can specify the blocking method based on Allow Comments from, Block Comments from, Hide offensive comments, and Manual Filters
  8. In this case, I chose Block Comment from to determine which accounts are not allowed to comment on my account
  9. Then, you just don’t return to the Instagram main page and automatically the blocked account can’t comment

At a glance, Allow Comment from is a feature that allows various accounts to comment on uploaded photos. In the Allow Comment form menu, there are choices for Everyone, People you follow and your followers, People you follow, and Your Followers.

If you choose the Everyone option then all accounts on Instagram may make comments on photos that have been uploaded by you to Instagram. While People you follow and your followers are the accounts that follow and are followed by you.

Then, People you follow is the account that you followed. Meanwhile, Your Follower is an account that follows you. If you want to immediately block comments from the specified account then you can choose the Block Comment from.

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Still on the Comment controls page, there are filters that consist of Hide offensive comments and Manual Filters. For filters Hide offensive comments will automatically hide comments that are attacking or swear.

limit comments on instagram
limit comments on instagram

While if the Manual Filter is activated, you can determine the desired words or phrases so that they can be directly blocked in the comments column. In addition, there are also Filter most reported words that will automatically hide words or phrases that are often reported in the comments column.

You could say, Instagram has prepared a variety of features that are effective enough to block or limit comments from other users in the application. Of course, this is very helpful for blocking comments with obscene words.

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