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How to Lock Apps on Vivo without additional applications

how to lock apps in vivo
how to lock apps in vivo
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Lock Apps in Vivo – Now the Vivo name is more popular in Indonesian thanks to a smartphone or a smartphone that has a large resolution front camera.

In addition, Smartphone Vivo itself offers a variety of interesting features that can spoil the user. One of them is a default feature that allows users to lock applications directly on their Vivo phones.

For that, for those of you who are curious about how to lock the application on your Vivo, you can see the tutorial presented below.

How to Lock Apps in Vivo Smarpthone

  • You can enter the Settings menu or application
  • On the Settings page, you can choose Security & Privacy
  • In the Security & Privacy page, you can choose the Privacy and app encryption menu
  • Then, you are immediately confronted with the menu to enter the password as the application lock
  • After the password is specified, you will be immediately confronted with the Privacy and app encryption page
  • On this page, you can choose the application to be locked
  • After the locked application has been selected, you can immediately return to the home screen
  • Next, you can open an application that has been locked
  • When the application is opened, the smartphone Vivo will automatically ask you to enter the password
  • This entered password must match what was set in the Privacy and app encryption menu
  • If the password entered is correct, the application will open automatically

By following this tutorial, you can lock the application by using the default feature available on smartphone Vivo without additional applications. Later every time the application is opened, a password will be asked first.

Meanwhile, if you have set a fingerprint scanner on his smartphone Vivo, he can immediately open the application using fingerprints and can pass the password request.

You could say Vivo has provided an interesting feature that allows users to lock the application as they wish. In other words, applications that are private are more protected so that others cannot open them carelessly.

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This can also avoid the fuss of friends or family who are curious to see the contents of the conversation from the SMS or Chat application that they have. In other words, users can feel more calm with the presence of this feature.

But if this feature is not available on a Vivo cell owned by you, you can immediately install and download many third-party applications available on the Google Play Store.

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