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How To Screenshot in Samsung Galaxy A30

screenshot samsung galaxy a30
screenshot samsung galaxy a30
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Screenshot Samsung Galaxy A30 – The presence of the Samsung Galaxy A30 brings several questions. In addition to the specifications and price, many people are wondering about how to use the screenshot feature in it.

As we know, the Galaxy A30 is one of the Samsung devices that carry the Infinity-U Display design. With this design, the Galaxy A30 has a wide screen that completely fills the front with a small notch at the top.

Thanks to this design, Samsung also removed the physical button on the front of the Galaxy A30 and replaced it with a soft key, as most companies do on new smartphones today.

But unfortunately, this new look raises a question for some people. How do I take a screenshot if the physical Home button is removed? Though as we know, to take screenshots on an old Samsung device requires a physical power button and home.

To answer this question, here are complete tips and tricks on how to take screenshots Galaxy A30 from using physical buttons, by swiping the screen, or how to take long screenshots.

How To Screenshot in Samsung Galaxy A30

#1 Using Physical Keys

First, screenshots on the Galaxy A30 can be done in a general way that applies to most Android devices. The user only needs to press a few times the volume down button along with the power button until the screen blinks and some screenshot management options appear.

#2 Palm Swipe

If the first way is difficult because the volume and power buttons are on one side, the Galaxy A30 users can also take screenshots using the Palm Swipe to capture feature. With this feature, users only need to wipe the screen with their palms to take screenshots.

However, in order to be able to use the default feature of the One UI system, users must ensure that the feature is activated. Users can check it in Settings, then search for Palm Swipe to capture using the search feature. If so, enter the settings and make sure the feature is active.

#3 Take a Long Screenshot

In addition, for users who want to take long screenshots to capture web pages from top to bottom, users can press the Scroll Capture option that appears every time they successfully take a screenshot.

Meanwhile, every successful screenshot will be saved to the device memory. To open it, users can visit the Samsung Gallery application that already exists fundamentally on every Samsung device.

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