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How To Screenshot Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018)

screenshot samsung galaxy a7 2018
screenshot samsung galaxy a7 2018
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Screenshot Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) – In October 2018, Samsung officially brought in a smartphone with its first three main cameras, the Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018), to Indonesia.

With the main camera numbering three lenses, the Samsung Galaxy A7 can be an option for those who like photography, because this device can be used to take photos well.

In more detail, the first Samsung device with three main cameras has a combination of 24 MP main lens with shutter openings f / 1.7 combined with an 8 MP ultra wide angle lens with shutter openings f / 2.4 and a 5 MP resolution depth lens with shutter openings f / 2.2.

But apparently, besides the ability to capture photos, this device is also equipped with a screenshot feature like most devices launched lately, which is useful for capturing screen images.

But it seems that many people are quite confused about this matter. As we know, this device also uses a full display design, which in fact eliminates the physical home button and uses virtual navigation.

Even though, on most Samsung devices released before, screenshots can be done by pressing the physical home button along with the power button. Then, how about this Samsung Galaxy A7?

How To Screenshot Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018)

  • Open the web page, game or application that will be immortalized
  • From the page, then press the volume down button a few moments along with the power button
  • Let go if the screen has blinked or Shutter sound is heard
  • Edit image or make Scroll Capture using a menu that is displayed if needed

Apart from using physical key combinations, we can also use the palm swipe feature to take screenshots Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018). Like other Samsung devices, this feature can be used by wiping the screen with the side of the palm.

But before you can use it, we need to make sure in advance whether this feature has been activated or not. The trick, open Settings, enter the Motion menu, and see the Hand Motions section, is Palm Swipe to capture activated.

While to see the results, we can open the gallery application, then enter the Screenshot album. Or, we can also access it with other photo applications, such as Google Photos, or file manager applications.

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