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How to track someone’s location via WhatsApp

How to track someone's location via WhatsApp
How to track someone's location via WhatsApp
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How to track someone’s location via WhatsApp – Some time ago, the developer of WhatsApp has launched a Share Location feature to make it easier to find friends’ locations. However, some may not want to provide information on their whereabouts because they are afraid of what they will find out in the place and who.

Plus for those who have a partner, my boss, indeed both of them must be equally sure that the relationship will remain harmonious and good. But there are times when He hides the whereabouts of my boss, whether it does not want the couple to be anxious or even the opposite event, aka lying boyfriend because of cheating.

Don’t want events like this? For those who want to know about partner honesty, just check the location through this accurate trick, you don’t have to share location, you can also know. Want to know how we just look at the description below.

How to track someone’s location via WhatsApp

At this time we will not use the default feature of WhatsApp, but use the IP address of the Whatsapp user account and the Command Prompt application that is inherited from each operating scheme such as Windows, or MacOS and Linux.

  • First, you open the WhatsApp site first, then start chatting with people who want to know their location with the aim of getting an IP address.
  • Then, make sure all applications running in the background of your computer stop. Open Task Manager >> Close all existing applications. Leave your browser application used for the WhatsApp site only.
  • Then, continue by opening CMD by pressing the combination Win + R, write “CMD” in the search column and enter.
  • After it opens, so write netstat and immediately click enter.
  • Write the IP address listed and open the web www.ip-adress. com / ip_tracer / to do a search.
  • Done, you can find the location of someone you have been looking for.

Like that, my boss How to Track the Position of Friends through this fast and easy WhatsApp. Thus you can’t lie anymore, my boss. Good luck and thank you.

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