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Realme 3 vs Samsung Galaxy M20 – Which is more superior?

Realme 3 vs Samsung Galaxy M20
Realme 3 vs Samsung Galaxy M20
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Realme 3 vs Samsung Galaxy M20 – Now quality middle class smartphones at affordable prices are increasingly circulating in the Indonesian market, including Realme 3 and Samsung Galaxy M20.

Realme 3 itself in Indonesia is available with 3 variants consisting of 3 GB RAM + 32 GB internal storage with a promo price of Rp1,799,000 for initial sales (normal price of Rp1,999,000), 3 GB RAM + 64 GB internal storage for Rp2,099,000, and 4GB RAM + 64GB internal storage for IDR 2,399,000.

As for the Samsung Galaxy M20, this smartphone only comes in 1 variant namely 3 GB RAM + 32 GB internal storage which sells for Rp. 2.799,000.

Then between the two smartphones, which one is superior to see them both targeting the middle-class smartphone market?

Realme 3 vs Samsung Galaxy M20

#1 Design

In terms of design, Realme 3 offers a rear body that is coated with a choice of Radiant Blue or Dynamic Black color gradations that look more attractive than the Charcoal Black Galaxy M20 which is more plain with the usual coloring method.

Both the rear body of this smartphone both use materials made of polycarbonate. Thanks to this material, the two smartphones are not too slippery when held using one hand. The curvature on the back side of the two smartphones also makes it fit when held.

Realme 3 fingerprint scanner sensor and Galaxy M20 are both located on the back. In terms of ease of fingerprint scanning access, Realme 3 is more comfortable to access because the sensor surface is more concave inward while the Galaxy M20 has a fingerprint scanner sensor surface that is evenly aligned with the rear body so that sometimes I put my finger wrong to scan.

#2 Screen

Both of these smartphones both use a full screen model with a dewdrop (a small form like water droplets). The screen size of the 6.3-inch Galaxy M20 is slightly larger than the 6.2-inch Realme 3 screen.

If Realme 3 uses IPS screen technology, the Galaxy M20 uses TFT PLS technology on the screen. With this difference in screen technology, it certainly results in screen brightness. Seen in plain view, the screen brightness on the Galaxy M20 is higher compared to Realme 3.

For the screen resolution, the Galaxy M20 has Full HD + resolution (2340 x 1080 pixels) while Realme 3 has HD + resolution (1520 x 720 pixels). This is quite reasonable considering the price of Realme 3 is cheaper compared to the Samsung Galaxy M20.

#3 Performance

At a glance, Realme 3 uses the MediaTek Helio P60 octa-core chipset with 12nm process technology and the Galaxy M20 uses the Exynos 7904 octa-core chipset with 14nm process technology. Both chipsets enter the middle class but already have powerful performance and are efficient in consuming battery power.

To test its performance, I also run various activities on both smartphones smoothly starting from smartphone navigation, multitasking, watching videos, to watching games.

When playing games, Realme 3 and Galaxy M20 can run Mobile Legends, Arena of Valor, Free Fire, and PUBG Mobile games with high graphics settings smoothly and smoothly.

Meanwhile, the choice of setting a high frame rate in the Arena of Valor, Free Fire, and PUBG Mobile games is also present for these two smartphones so that I can play games with smoother animations.

In testing using AnTuTu Benchmark, Realme 3 managed to get a score of 133,557 points which was superior compared to the Galaxy M20 with a score of 108,944 points. Even AnTuTu’s GPU score from Realme 3 won 28,105 points higher than the Galaxy M20 with 21,210 points.

Turning to Geekbench, Realme 3 managed to get a score of 1,423 points for Single-core testing and 5,092 points for Multi-core testing. While the Galaxy M20 got a lower score reaching 1,321 points for Single-core testing and 4,087 points for Multi-core testing.

From these tests, it appears that Realme 3 has a higher CPU and GPU performance compared to the Samsung Galaxy M20.

#4 Software

Realme and Samsung both have their own interface on the operating system that is present in their smartphone. Realme 3 uses Color OS 6.0 based on Android 9 Pie, while the Galaxy M20 uses the Samsung Galaxy Experience 9.5 based on Android 8.1 Oreo.

Interestingly, Realme 3 has a Home Screen display that can be adjusted using the App Drawer or not. But by default, Realme 3 will immediately display the Home Screen display using the App Drawer model.

Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy M20 only has a Home Screen display with an App Drawer only. Additional features are also present on both smartphones starting from dual-split multitasking, application cloning, gesture, and much more that makes it easy for users in daily activities.

#5 Camera

Realme 3 has a dual rear camera that has 13 MP resolution (f / 1.8) + 2 MP aperture and 13 MP front camera (f / 2.0 aperture). While the Galaxy M20 also uses a dual rear camera but with a different combination of 13 MP (f / 1.9 aperture) + 5 MP ultra-wide lens and 8 MP front camera (f / 2.0 aperture).

There is a Chroma Boost mode in Realme 3 that allows color enhancements to photos so that the photos are more attractive to the eye. Not only that, there is also a Nightscape mode that allows users to produce sharper and brighter photos in night conditions using a Realme 3 camera.

The default camera application on Realme 3 and the Galaxy M20 both present many features and modes that allow users to be creative.

#6 Battery

Realme 3 is equipped with a battery that has a capacity of 4,230 mAh while the Galaxy M20 has a battery with a larger capacity of 5,000 mAh. With a large capacity battery, this smartphone can last a long time.

To find out the resistance of the battery, I also conducted a trial by running several applications commonly used for everyday activities ranging from SMS, telephone, chatting, playing games, watching videos, listening to music, accessing e-mail, and editing documents on both of these smartphones.

The result, Realme 3 can last for 21 hours 20 minutes and the Samsung Galaxy M20 can last for 1 day 1 hour when used in daily activities. Both of them start from the battery in 100% conditions to a critical point of 15%.

Besides that, I also tried to benchmark the battery life using PCMark. The result is Realme 3 managed to get 11 hours 4 minutes and the Samsung Galaxy M20 gets 12 hours 2 minutes for battery life.


After comparison, Realme 3 outperformed the Samsung Galaxy M20 in terms of design, camera and performance. Realme 3 prices are also cheaper compared to the Galaxy M20. Camera features in Realme 3 such as Chrome Boost and Nightscape camera modes also help Realme 3 to produce more interesting photos.

Galaxy M20 is superior to the battery side, battery charging time, and screen. However, the more expensive price might burden some people, especially those with limited budgets.

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