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Easy Ways to Screenshot Samsung Galaxy A50

screenshot samsung galaxy a50
screenshot samsung galaxy a50
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Screenshot Samsung Galaxy A50 – The Galaxy A50 is a Samsung smartphone that has just been launched in Indonesian with attractive hardware specifications.

Following the current trend, the Galaxy A50 comes with various advantages such as a full 6.4-inch full HD + resolution with a mini notch so that the content can be displayed more.

As a modern smartphone, of course the Galaxy A50 has a screenshot feature to capture the content that is being displayed on the screen so that it can be seen again in the future. But some people do not know how to do a screenshot on the Galaxy A50.

For that, for those of you who are curious to take screenshots of this smartphone, you can see the tutorial as follows.

How To Screenshot Samsung Galaxy A50

There are two methods that Samsung has embedded in it to make it easier for users to capture content that is currently appearing on a smartphone.

Combination Button

  1. First, you can determine the area to be a screenshot.
  2. After the area is determined, You can press the physical power + volume down button simultaneously.
  3. When the screen flashes and the shutter sound is heard, the screenshot process has been successful.
  4. You can immediately see the results of screenshots in the Gallery application or notification menu.

The combination of using physical buttons is usually present in Android smartphones in general, so it can also be tried on other brands of smartphones.

Palm Swipe Gesture

  1. Open the Settings or Settings menu.
  2. On the Settings page, you can choose the Advanced Features menu.
  3. On the Advanced Features page, you can choose the Motion and Gestures menu.
  4. Next, you can activate the Palm Swipe to Capture feature from the list.
  5. After the feature is active, then you can search for the area to be screenshot.
  6. Then, you can close your palm and immediately sweep the screen from right to left.
  7. When the shutter sound is heard and the screen blinks, the screenshot has been successfully performed.
  8. You can see the results of screenshots on the Gallery application or notification menu.

You could say the two ways this screenshot makes it easy for Galaxy A50 users to store the desired content. Although screenshots using the palm are interesting, the method with physical key combinations is somewhat more practical.

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