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How To Screenshot Samsung Galaxy M20 [2 Methods]

Screenshot Samsung Galaxy M20
Screenshot Samsung Galaxy M20
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Screenshot Samsung Galaxy M20 – As a phenomenal smartphone, many Indonesians are looking for the Galaxy M20 on Google’s search engine because the price is arguably affordable.

Even the hardware specifications offered by this smartphone are attractive compared to Samsung products in the same price range. Also, many are also looking for ways to do screenshots on the Galaxy M20.

For this reason, for those of you who are curious about the method of this screenshot, then you can see the tutorial as follows.

How To Screenshot Samsung Galaxy M20

Using Physical Buttons

  • First, you can turn on the Galaxy M20 first
  • After the smartphone is on, you can specify the area to be a screenshot
  • Next, you can press the volume down + power combination for a few seconds
  • When the screen blinks and the shutter sound is heard it means that the screenshot has been taken
  • This screenshot image can be directly accessed via the notification menu or directly in the Gallery application

The use of physical key combinations is one way that can be done in almost many people on Android smartphones. This one method is very easy to do because it can be with one hand thanks to the buttons that are side by side.

Using Game Launcher

  • First, you can ensure that the Galaxy M20 is on
  • Then, you can access the Settings menu or application
  • On the Settings page, you can open the Advanced Features menu
  • On the Advanced Features page, you can choose the Games menu
  • Next, you can immediately activate Game Launcher by changing it to the On position
  • After the settings are complete, you can play one of the games found on the Galaxy M20
  • When the game is running, you can swipe from right to left
  • On the menu that appears, you can immediately choose Screenshot
  • Next, the game will be immediately screenshots
  • Later the screenshot results can be directly seen in the Gallery application or notification menu

Personally, I prefer the use of a combination of the volume down + power button to do screenshots quickly. But Game Launcher is an alternative that can be used when users are playing games.

Of course the method for taking screenshots depends on the taste of the users of the Galaxy M20 itself so that the two methods above can be an option. For those of you who have another screenshot method, you can write information in the comments column below.

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