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How To Solved Failed to Send Videos and Images on WhatsApp

Failed to Send Videos and Images on WhatsApp
Failed to Send Videos and Images on WhatsApp
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Failed to Send Videos and Images on WhatsApp – Many causes can occur when we always fail to send photos or videos on the WhatsApp (WA) application. Where besides the problem of the service provider’s server, it can also be caused by several problems on the system or on the data connection of the user.

As a messenger-based social media, WhatsApp users in their play store statistics have downloaded more than one billion smartphone users. And until now there has not been an application that can compete with the popularity of WA to send messages, make audio / video calls and also the status update feature that only lasts 24 hours.

Back to the WA problem, you can’t send pictures or videos, whether it’s in the chat column or you want to update your status using photo / video files, then when you want to upload the desired file you can’t do it, of course, the cause must be searched.

And here are some of the causes and steps to overcome the WhatsApp application that cannot send video or photo files in the inbox or the Status feature.

How To Solved Failed to Send Videos and Images on WhatsApp

#1 Restart Phone

The first step that must be done when experiencing an error in an application, is to reboot or restart, which is to turn off and restart the system on an android phone.

Many cases of applications cannot run properly, such as WA suddenly exits itself, cannot send messages or files, etc., due to system crashes.

And to refresh the Android system to run normally again, it is recommended to reload (restart). After that, try running the WA application again.

#2 File Too Large / Not Support

There are several files that are not supported by WhatsApp, as well as in terms of capacity. Such as Video whose file size is too large, of course, will be rejected by the WA service server.

Likewise, when failing to send photos / images, try to make sure that the file that we send the format is appropriate, such as the extension jpg, bmp or Gif.

#3 Clear Cache Apps

The number of junk files and application cache that accumulates on the system will affect the performance of the CPU to process the data, it can even cause crashes when reading some files in it.

Try removing the cache of the WhatsApp application first, and there are several ways to clear cache, which can be through the system garbage cleaning application like Ccleaner and so on, or you can go directly to the application settings and press the ‘clear cache’ button

#4 Problem data connection

To upload a photo or video file in WA, of course we use the internet data network, whether it’s from a Wi-Fi connection or cellular data.

For that, make sure the internet connection on the smartphone is stable and smooth, especially if you want to upload videos in the chat column or status, make sure the internet data is on a minimum 3G network.

#5 WhatsApp Error server

To ensure that the WA application and the system on our smartphone have no problems, try asking a friend if they have the same problem, that is, they cannot update their status or send video / image files.

If your friends also experience the same thing, you can be sure the WhatsApp service server is experiencing a problem.

And there is nothing we can do but wait until the server is normal again by checking periodically whether it can send messages or not.

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