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How To Unlock Forgotten Pattern Lock on Oppo A3s

unlock oppo a3s
unlock oppo a3s
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Unlock OPPO A3s – What happens if you want to use your only Android smartphone, apparently forgetting the pattern or password for the lock screen. Of course there must be a quick method to be able to access the locked screen without having to go to the Smartphone’s repairman and flashing the OPPO Smartphone.

Just like other Android smartphones, when we forget what passwords or screen patterns are on the OPPO A3s Smartphone, the usual tricks are almost the same and many are able to access the locked main screen of the Smartphone again.

Although the OPPO A3s security features have been equipped with face unlock, the features are more sophisticated than the standard Android screen lock, but there are still many smartphone users who like to use Pattern, PIN or password as a security.

How To Unlock Forgotten Pattern Lock on Oppo A3s

Below, admin shares 3 tricks on Android OPPO when he forgets access to the system because he forgets his pattern, password or PIN, please listen.

1. Forgot Password

This method includes the easiest and does not delete data in the smartphone, which is via the “forget password” option which will appear when we enter some keywords or Pattern on the OPPO A3s Smartphone.

  • Try entering some passwords or patterns, even if you try to do it repeatedly
  • Later the OPPO system will detect errors, and bring up a time-out or timeout to try, and we must wait to re-enter the password / Screen pattern.
  • When we wait, under it is the Forgot Password option or Forgot Password, please click
  • Later we will be told to enter a username and password from the Google account on the OPPO A3s Smartphone
  • Input correctly and if a page will appear to create a new password, please do so.

2. Phone Option

When doing method number 1 above, the OPPO A3s must have an internet connection condition, if it does not yet exist and does not have the option to connect to the data connection, please use the tips below:

  • Borrow a friend’s cellphone first, of course there must be a pulse. Then call the locked OPPO A3s number.
  • After OPPO rings, please immediately press the Home button and enter the settings menu, then activate the data connection.
  • After the internet is connected, please do the method like number one above.

3. Reset Smartphone

When the two options above cannot be done, there is a powerful solution for opening the locked screen OPPO A3s smartphone that forgets passwords, PINs or patterns, i.e. with a system reset option.

  • Turn off the Smartphone and first the battery to full or at least 50 percent up, so there is no failure when doing a reset.
  • After that, in the condition that the Smartphone has been OFF, please press the power button and the volume down button simultaneously, do not release it first.
  • After the OPPO logo appears then release the two buttons, then wait until it enters Recovery Mode
  • After the recovery page, we first select English, then select the Wipe cache & data reset menu
  • Confirm by selecting “Yess-delete all user / data”, and wait until the process is complete. To move the selection, use the volume up and down buttons and to execute the command, use the power button
  • When the process is complete, we restart the Smartphone by selecting the option ‘reboot Now’, wait until the Smartphone reloads and later the screen is no longer locked and ready for use.

It should be noted, when the reset process is done then later all data in the system will be lost such as application data, all social media and google accounts, phone book data, documents, downloads and so forth.

That’s the tips for opening the OPPO A3s Smartphone screen, which forgets the pattern or password, hopefully, it can be practiced easily and if there are problems, you can write a comment in the bottom column of this article.

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