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How To Video Call Whatsapp On PC or Laptop With Easy Guide

video call whatsapp on pc
video call whatsapp on pc
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Video Call Whatsapp On PC – Whatsapp is the best chat application in the whole world that has been used by more than a hundred million people. With WhatsApp, there are no more boundaries between countries and continents, because only with WhatsApp numbers, WhatsApp users can communicate with each other even though they are in different hemispheres via chat, voice mail, even through phone calls and video calls regardless of roaming fees. very expensive.

WhatsApp also launched a feature called web WhatsApp, where you can easily open WhatsApp applications on your PC / laptop without going through a complicated login process. Only by connecting the web WhatsApp via barcode scan, the display of your WhatsApp can be accessed on the PC / laptop screen.

Unfortunately, whatsapp web is only able to display chat features, voicemail and also update status from friends. Whereas you can do voice calls and video calls via web Whatsapp. In fact, it would be very nice if you could make a video call on your PC / laptop using the WhatsApp account only. Why do many people want whatsapp video calls on a laptop? Maybe this is some reason:

  • The quality of video calls via WhatsApp is pretty good.
  • Many people are always online at the WhatsApp application.
  • Simple, no need to have many social media accounts.

Well, maybe that’s the reason why whatsapp video calls on laptops are the choice. Not everyone has a Skype account, but almost everyone has a WhatsApp account. Not everyone is online on the Facebook application, but everyone is sure to stand by the WhatsApp application. So for video calls on laptops, whatsapp application is indeed a favorite choice.

How To Video Call Whatsapp On PC or Laptop With Easy Guide

Because there is no video call feature on WhatsApp web, to make video calls for WhatsApp on a laptop / pc requires a third party application, the emulator. On this occasion, will provide information on how to call video WhatsApp on a laptop / PC using the Bluestacks emulator.

  • Download the Bluestacks application through your laptop browser via the following link:
  • Install the Bluestacks application on your laptop / pcs. If a request appears to perform IMPROVE LOCATION ACCURACY, select AGREE or AGREE on the page. After that, select the YES ONE option.
  • At first the language used in this application is indeed difficult to understand, but you can change it in English or Indonesian. Then after the language has been successfully changed, click the START button.
  • To use Bluestacks, you must use an email address to enter. Please log in using the email address that you have and the login password. Later there will be a request to agree to the terms and conditions, just click I AGREE or I FOLLOW.
  • After successfully entering, first, install whatsapp by clicking tab MY APPS >> SYSTEM APPS >> GOOGLE PLAYSTORE then search the WhatsApp application then install.
  • After it’s finished installing, then you can already use the entire WhatsApp application like the one you use on your cellphone. Open the WhatsApp application, then log in using your mobile number that was used previously on the WhatsApp smartphone app.
  • Then select the contact you want to video call, then click the video call icon. Before connecting, the application will automatically request permission for microphone and laptop camera access, bro, select ALLOW. Then your video call call will also be connected.

Hopefully, in the future, WhatsApp will add features of calls & video calls on WhatsApp web.

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