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xfire icu free fire
xfire icu free fire
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Xfire.ICU Free Fire – As time goes by, many gamers who are starting to play battle royal gamers are now on the rise and these games are Free fire, yes the game released by Garena has successfully made the players fascinated with the storyline of this exciting game even though it is still not graphically comparable to Pubg Mobile.

but surely this game has a cooler difference than its competitor games, such as equipment and accessories that we can get in this game so that if you use cool items, the characters you use will look different and look cool, of course, different with characters that only use ordinary items, but you certainly know if you want to use cool items, of course, you need to buy them in the shop menu using diamond ff and of course you understand very well that diamond prices are still quite expensive because you need have more pocket money to get a diamond ff this.

Now for those of you who are reluctant or who have a small allowance to buy a diamond ff, you can use diamond free fire hacking tricks because this way you can get diamonds for free and don’t need to buy or top up because you have a diamond on the free fire account. it will be very important because if there is a new item such as a bundle set and others we can buy it first from other players, and if we learn about how to hack a diamond ff then the trick is already a lot on the internet and various tools are available and ready to use just like the latest free fire diamond generator, Xfire, which triggers Free Fire, Free Fire Battlegrounds Diamonds & Coins Free 2019

Indeed, besides Xfire icu, there are already many generator tools that you can use and some of them have been discussed and you can see for yourself at the end of our review and for the latest tricks, you can see our review of Xfire icu hack dimaond free This latest fire generator is a complement if you are bored using the previous tools, because the site hack tool like this is very effective and works because you only need to follow the tricks we share so you will get diamonds for free, maybe because it’s a trick like this very much hunted by gamers.

so that you understand how to use this free fire xfire and you see the review below.

  • The first step you need to do is please open the browser on your computer or smartphone
  • If you have already accessed the site by entering URL: and then please click OK
  • So now you will go to the site, and on the main page of the site, please enter or type your Free Fire ID username, for example, I type Lintasponsel if you have clicked Generate
  • Next, the site will connect between the tool and your account, and if it’s connected then you can now choose the number of diamonds and coin free fire with the highest number is 90,000 for the number of diamonds if you just click the Generate button
  • When you press the button, the sending process will begin, but before you will be asked to verify yourself by pressing the Verify Now button
  • You need to follow the verification so that you can successfully send the process
  • If you already can open the FF game and the number of diamonds will be sent to your account


It’s easy not to practice Xfire tricks trigger diamond free fire on android without root by getting diamonds for free and the number is fantastic so you can buy skins for weapons, costumes, and other accessories but you need to remember that you need to follow verification instruction correctly if you don’t then the diamond will not be sent to your account, and so our review is a good try.

This is the review of Free Fire Battlegrounds, good luck!

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